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Xinjiang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Urumqi Airport Office of the full implementation of ISO9000 quality management system
Full participation, unite a thought, improve knowledge, elaborate organization, clear responsibility, the full implementation of ISO9000 quality management system.
At the beginning of 2007, Xinjiang Bureau after careful discussion research, decision is in complete border inspection and quarantine system to establish ISO9000 quality management system as the basis, performance appraisal is the core content of the comprehensive administration system, the global administration into the scientific, standardized and institutionalized track, cogent improve office work quality and efficiency, establish a civilized, clean-fingered, efficient modern law enforcement image. Airport Office in strict accordance with the system documents of doing all the work, require staff to understand and grasp the system file.
Establish the airport office director Liu Ge as a quality management person of the first responsibility, assume overall ISO9000 standards. In the tight conditions, taking the person responsible for the various sections of the quality management system certification, in the face of the ISO9000 quality management system in many aspects, the task is heavy, difficulty is great, time tight, airport office according to the section as a unit, according to the department responsibilities, around the Xinjiang Bureau of quality policy and target, make and perfect the relevant departments, the quality objectives operation instructions and records form, the inspection and quarantine work into the quality management, do each work strictly in accordance with the instructions to carry out, around quality target measurement.
From the ISO9000 quality management system basic knowledge of learning, work instructions; from the relevant laws, regulations and other controlled document collection, collation, each job content, links with the ISO9000 quality management system in combination with the specific; from ISO9000 quality management system operation, to the Xinjiang Bureau of quality management system in trial operation of the internal audit work, the joint efforts of all personnel, and actively coordinate the various departments, although in the trial operation period found a lot of problems, comrades not to be discouraged, the problem is decomposed into each a staff to resolve and implement, preliminary formed fluctuation linkage, each negative its duty, coordinated work pattern, so that all the work smoothly enter the ISO9000 quality management system tracks.

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